Valuing your food goods

At SEDIS Food, destocking cannot be combined with compromise. Our arrivals, bringing together national and hard-discount brands, come from the best manufacturers and retailers in the food industry.
Thanks to more than 500 partners, our unique positioning outside GMS allows us to guarantee you competitiveness on the market. At every moment of the product’s life, from its production to its distribution, SEDIS Food controls and traces it to offer its employees nuggets that cannot be found on the market.
Working with SEDIS Food means choosing expertise, responsiveness to the competition, and above all a know-how: We have established fruitful and sincere ties with our partners, who in return have renewed their trust.

Attached to discount
food waste and environmental protection, Sedis Alimentaire actively participates in anti-waste measures by donating to associations.


Sedis Food and its products, best practices…

They present a lack of information or have a damaged packaging.
They have a short consumption period.
They have been modified or replaced by new references.

They are sold in bulk
to generate less

They don’t match up to the standards
(caliber, shape, etc…).

They were not delivered
on the requested date by the supermarkets.

Sedis Food, its family of products…

Foods, fresh, grocery, drinks

Sedis Food in numbers


Tons of goods processed by our purchasing center


number of meals donated each year on average to associations


Tons of CO2 saved thanks to donations